Modern Day 12 Tribes – Asher

Tribe of Asher

AHSHAR = “Happy”

Modern Day Bywords: Incas/Ecuadorians/Bolivians/Paraguayans/Venezuelans/Peruvians/Brazilians/South Americans/Natives/Indians/Injuns/Savages

Brazil also contains a large number of Israelites from the Southern Kingdom “Afro-Brazilians” as a result of the slave trade run the edomites.

Asher was the 8th born son of Jacob. His mother was Zilpah, Leah’s handmaiden. The Tribe of Asher was one of the tribes comprising the Northern Kingdom after the split.

Birth Nomen Omen

  • Gen 30:13 | Then Leah said, “I am happy, for the daughters will call me blessed.” So she called his name Asher.

Blessing & Prophesy

  • Gen 49:20 | Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties.
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