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At Some Point The American Equivalent Is Coming To the US: Peru Military Preparation For Protest

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VIDEO: Peru military preparation for protest


2nd Ezra Chapter 15 & 16 contains prophecy of the End Times in America-the daughter of Babylon where the main captivity of the Israelites takes place. Soon the "Egyptian will be set against the Egyptian" as the general Edomite population starts to fight in and amongst themselves, eventually refusing to obey their elites altogether. However the persecution of the Israelites will assuredly come first, as judgement begins with the House of God (1 Peter 4:17) which are the Israelites returning to their heritage and power Yahawah in all sincerity.

  • 2 Esdras 15:14 | Woe to the world and them that dwell therein! 15For the sword and their destruction draweth nigh, and one people shall stand up and fight against another, and swords in their hands. 16For there shall be sedition among men, and invading one another; they shall not regard their kings nor princes, and the course of their actions shall stand in their power. 17A man shall desire to go into a city, and shall not be able. 18For because of their pride the cities shall be troubled, the houses shall be destroyed, and men shall be afraid. 19A man shall have no pity upon his neighbour, but shall destroy their houses with the sword, and spoil their goods, because of the lack of bread, and for great tribulation.

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