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Esau-Edom: Wicked in Authority Modern Day Edomites & Know Them By Their Fruits Genocide136Wisdom Holy Spirit Instruction Repentance Mercy Prudence Compassion Forgiveness Exhortation Thankfulness Gratitude83America Mystery Babylon Whore Daughter Of Babylon Land of Arsareth82End Times Judgement Day End of Edom’s World73Israelite History Chosen People Holy Nation of Israel Jacob Jake Prophetic Curses Of Deuteronomy 2869Food Lists Dry Fasting Temple Cleansing Dr. Sebi Diet Raw Vegan Vegetarian Fruitarian Detox Liver Flush Unclean Foods GMO Hybrids62Hidden History False Icons Iconoclasm Painted Over Images Russian Icons Earth Truth There Is Nothing Covered That Shall Not Be Known58So-Called Natural Disasters Great Calamity Rivers Turning to Blood Destruction Earthquakes Volcanoes Plagues Pestilence Famine & Shortages53Spiritual Power As Compared To All Forms Of Magic White Black ETC. Which Are Wicked47Deception Witchcraft Crisis Actors Psyop Programming Fake News Media CGI False Miracles Fake Wars False Tears Propaganda Masks Makeup Prosthetics Props Psychological Operations Childhood Lies46Yahawashi The Messiah King Solomon Adam New Covenant39Exhortation Spiritual Wrestling Of Devils & Demons Faith Boosting Kingdom of Heaven Building Of The Third Temple39144000 Saints The Elect 1/3rd vs 2/3rds of Israel32Covid19 CDC Vaccines mRNA toxins Gene Modification26Advanced Topic Warning Read At Your Own Peril Spit Out the Bones Read With Discernment21Parasites Disease Demons Devils Western Medicine Pharmaceutical Sorcery18Jacob’s Trouble The Coming Persecution Of Israelites17Southern Kingdom Head Tribe Of Judah Benjamin Levi King David Tabernacle of David16Asia Asian 中文 China-Korea-Singapore-Moab Japan-Ammon Thailand Cambodia14Skin Color Black Melanin Leprosy White Blond14UFOs & UAPs14Technology 5G Esau the Artificer Drones AI Artifical Intelligence Cyborgs Robots Chatbots Super Computers Quantom Computing12The Beast System NWO New World Order Social Credit Scores Carbon Emissions Tracking11Northern Kingdom Of Israel Ephraim Reuben Simeon Gad Asher Naphtali Issachar Zebulon Manasseh11Garments Gemstones Clothing Fabric Fringes Hats Head Covering Hair Hairstyles11Money CBDC Cashless Society Economic Collapse Petro Dollar Central Bank Digital Currency10Visions & Prophectic Dreams8Heathen Gentiles Holidays Customs & News7Yahawah The Most High7Metaphysics Music Cymatics Frequency & Vibration6Prayers Original Hebrew6West Africa5Amalek Amalakites Chief Tribe Of Edom5Ancient Rome Greece Europe4India & Pakistan & Iran & Iraq-Elam Elamites4Women & Eve4Ham Hammites Hammitic Peoples4Modern Day Witchcraft Covens Intelligence Agencies Elite Military Organizations Sodomy Edomite Male Witches2Japeth Japhites Japhetic Peoples2Transgender Trans FTM MTF Freemartin Intersex Conditions Baphomet Skeletal Structure Plastic Surgery Tattoos2