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Ham Hammites Hammitic Peoples

Israelites Scattered All Over The Earth, Including Those That Look Like The Heathen Nations, Will Enter Into The New Covenant | Isaiah 11:12

Isaiah prophesies of the End Times, including the returning of the scattered Elect among the heathen nations (that also look like the heathen through...

Israelites Have Rhythm, Hamites Don’t, We Are Not So-Called “Africans” (This is an African/Hamite) | Act 21:38

Most West Africans are Israelites, East Africans are more likely to be Hamites; however, as it is written in the Bible, Israelites were confused...

Hammites Rejecting The Wine (Culture of Sin) of Edom’s Modern Day Babylon a.k.a. America

At the video below an example of Hammites rejecting the wine of Babylon. As the Most High debases the Edomites in front of all...

18 Nations of the World

The Nationality a man (or woman) is determined by the seed/spirit of his father. Skin color does not determine nationality, although it is suggestive. The...