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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dry Fast Podcast: Day 7 Morning Update


Dry Fast Podcast Testimonial & Experience


No audio update this morning. Dry mouth is to the point where it is manageable but when speaking it exacerbates the condition and my voice is quite hoarse. Last night, I weighed in at 153 pounds which was a 4 pound decrease day over day. I slept 3 hours last night and I had trouble falling asleep. Despite that I am not tired and generally feeling good from the shoulders down–which the exception of what feels like in my kidneys, especially on the right side. Starting from my shoulders up I have a lot of acidic stagnation in areas and it is a constant dull pain that is physically making me feel restless, like I constant like I need to be shaking (a lot like when I was a child which is interesting and fits into a greater theory I am developing). At times it feels like the muscles in my upper back and shoulders are being torn apart to remove whatever toxicity is there. Similar feeling in my neck. During times like this, this is where the calisthenics, consistent breathwork outside and handstands becomes very important to manually shift the lymph and blood.

Urine has turned a darker amber/brownish, which is a reflection of the body breaking down muscle tissue either for resources, cleaning purposes (like in my shoulders/neck areas) or both.

On a more positive note, I have no hunger pains, no real thirst and the birds outside seem to be much more comfortable with my presence, even sitting or flying close to me when normally they would not. I had some interesting spiritual interactions more demonic in nature which I intend to discuss further in a subsequent podcast.


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