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Profound Mayan (Tribe Of Issachar) Concepts On Goodness & Virtue | 1 Chronicles 12:32


“Goodness’ was thought to be conserved much in the same way that, in Physics, energy…”

This quote comes from an article written about the Maya (Issachar) and contains a tremendous amount of truth about how the underlying laws (the hidden “coding” behind the scenes) Yahawah wove into the world we live in. Issachar, roughly known as Mexicans today, were the elite astronomers of our Nation. Astronomy was used by our nation to know what to do and when, not just on a superficial physical level like when to place crops but on a far deeper spiritual level, like how the invisible laws that govern this world changes the very way the fabric of reality responds to our actions.

  • 1 Chronicles 12:32 | And of the SONS of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.

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EXCERPT BELOW FROM: The Maya Calendar and the End of the World: Why the one does not substantiate the other

A brief note on calendars, our ancestors created these to be countdowns between the various prophesied ages.

Time as Energy

Western interpretations of the Maya Calendar are just that: western. In such an interpretation time is viewed as linear, not cyclical, and, whether a particular writer adheres to Judaism or Christianity or Islam, they are still prone to view time as it has been understood in the scriptures of those religions. In monotheistic western religions God is intimately involved in the affairs of human beings in a straight chronological line from the creation of the world to the present. In Maya polytheism, the gods created the world and then acted more as guides (and sometimes not very pleasant ones) who performed certain functions in accordance with their particular brand of energy and the energy which ran through a given day or month.

`Goodness’ was thought to be conserved much in the same way that, in Physics, energy is and the gods granted their goodness to mortals based upon the amount of goodness given to them by human beings. This did not mean, and does not, mean that the gods waited to unleash some final wrath on the world but, rather, that one got what one gave, whether individually or as a community. The relationship between gods and humans was a transfer of energy. The gods were personifications of the planets and of the influences those planets exerted on individuals. Eternity, then, was not a concept involving some future life beyond the earth but was a reality of everyday life for the Maya and they were, and still continue to be, convinced of its continuance on the planet earth.


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