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Hebrew Israelite Research Center Liver Flush Protocol & Experience | 1 Corinthians 6:19


  • 1 Corinthians 6:19 | What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of YAHAWAH, and ye are not your own?

For those unfamiliar with liver flushing see, ARTICLE: What Is A Liver Flush?

The following is the Liver Flush Detox Protocol I developed for myself having done over 50+ flushes. These flushes, along with dry fasting and prayer, have fixed a lot of chronic health problems (brain fog, poor digestion, lethargy, cold limbs, etc. relevant testimonial linked here) by greatly improving the functioning of my liver, in conjunction with long term dry fasts (see Dry Fast Podcasts linked here). Strong liver will be able to remove to strengthen the body to the point of being able to deal with parasitic infestations on its own. If you are new to liver flushing, juice fasting for 3 or more days (to move old impacted bulk) and then doing a couple of castor oil cleanses is generally a good idea to decrease the amount of time liver toxins are suceptible to stagnating in your intestines. (Personal castor oil/turpentine clease experience linked here)

Hebrew Israelite Research Center Liver Flush Protocol (At Night)

No food after 2pm or 3pm

6pm: 1 Tablespoon Magnesium Citrate in a half cup or so of hot water

8pm: 1 Tablespoon Magnesium Citrate in a half cup or so of hot water

9:55pm: 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil + 1/2 cup organic lemon juice

Lay on back or left side immediately following the drink for at least an hour and try to go to sleep, sometimes I can easily but other times I stay awake for several hours

Sometimes I skip the first dose of magnesium citrate if I feel that my electrolytes are out of balance, for me this shows up as a pale tongue

The following morning sometimes I take a few tablespoons of castor oil to purge the intestines of the toxic gallstones faster

I eat lots of beans all throughout the next day (for the insoluble fiber) to facilitate a complete purgation of toxic bile

*Note: After about 60 or so liver flushes, I’ve started doing flushing from 2pm-3pm because effectively unable to sleep after doing a night flush (it really was not like this until I started flushing multiple times per week). After drinking the oil/juice mixture, I lay down for 1 hour and then continue on my day. This new timeline would not have been possible when I first started liver flushing. My day flushes have been as productive as the ones I’ve done at night. I do not eat any breakfast or lunch and I start taking the magnesium citrate in the morning, space in 2 hour time blocks as at night. A couple hours after flushing, I drink hot tea to wash any remaining oil out of my stomach, take about a teaspoon of baking soda to reduce the acid burden in my body and an hour or so later, eat a meal of beans and alkaline-forming seeds.

Initially, I only did the liver flush one time every 2 weeks to give my liver the opportunity to repair itself after the expulsion of so many huge gallstones. It would take me 3 days just to physically recover and the emotional rollercoaster it took my through was intense (gallstones in the liver store metabolic toxins from emotional trauma which recirculate through your body during the flush). Over time my recovery time went from 3 days, to 1 day, to 1 morning, to 3 hours, to the point now where I don’t have any downtime after doing the flush. I have flushed up to 6 times in a week and consistently have productive flushes–every other day or every third day seems to be ideal for me now. In my most recent flushes. A flush can still be sucessful if you do not pass stones such as by expelling other toxins in the form of burning chaff, runny stool or mucus. I’ve noticed that the largest releases of stones are brought on by the more hours I spend in sincere repentance meditation and prayer, this is the one variable that is consistent across all of the flushes and yields the best results, regardless of the number of days between flushes. I almost always feel gallstones begin to unstick & move (usually painfully so) when I reach a genuine place humility & forsaking of prior sin. Once, I even passed a few stones just from this meditation & prayer alone, without any flushing.

This is the liver flush protocol I started with: Hulda Clark Liver Flush Process

Parameters I experimented with to develop the flush are the following:

Epsom Salts: I found these to throw my electrolyte balance off far to much and make me feel awful, worse than the flush itself. Magnesium citrate is effective in dialating the bile ducts without the horrible side effects of epsom salts. I have many times skipped both and still had great flushes but for me taking magnesium citrate is preferrable over nothing

Concoction Volume: Initially it seems like larger amounts of oil (3/4ths to 1 cup) & an equal amount of lemon juice would yield more stones but over time it didn’t seem to make a difference

Juice: Lemon juice is far more effective than grapefuit juice or orange

Oil: Olive oil has been the most effective for stones castor oil, coconut or peanut oil seemed only to eliminate candida and not expell stones

Food, Fasting & Diet Restriction: Sometimes I would fast the day before or day of the fast, it seemed to help increase the volume of gallstones expelled in the beginning but over time I found that I could eat normally the day of (including fats like eggs, fish, olive oil, etc.) and have productive flushes. The only exception to that appears to be nuts, specifically cashews and walnuts. On occassion I eat as late as 3/4pm and it is still ok but I do not reccomend this for beginners to liver flushing

Physical manipulation: Massaging the liver area & gallbladder from underneath the ribcage or directly palpitating the ribcage (percussion of the liver) didn’t seem to make a huge difference for my flushes but for some people this can be very helpful

Baths: Having hot baths just before the flush seems to help but is not a game changer

Stress: Having a high stress level leading up to the flush seemed to yield less productive flushes

Double flushing: Sometimes I would take another dose of the olive oil/lemon juice mix, known as a double flush, which was effective but not any more effective than flushing 2 nights in a row. I will now only do this if I have a painfully stuck stone

Herbs: Gold Coin Grass (Jin Qian Cao) in tincture form seems to be the most helpful of all the herbs I take, in facilitating the removal of stones. Personally, I use  Other beneficial herbs include chanca piedra, gravel root abd hydrangea root. These are all known as stone-breaker herbs. Tinctures are generally the most concentrated form of herbs and the alcohol assists in the absorption into the liver. One of the main reasons it takes so many flushes to clear out the liver is because the material is so hard and ingrained into the liver tissue, so by crushing it up, you make it more readily available for release, without being hung up along the way.

Malic acid: Every morning, regardless of whether I flush, I drink a lemon-based alkalizing drink (recipie linked here), lemons are a source of malic acid, along with apple cider vinegar. Malic acid is useful for softening stones. You can drink apple juce as well but it is not reccomened from men with blood type O, which most Israelites are

Diet: During a state of congestion, the indigestion causes foods to turn into an extremely acidic waste material, ingesting more alkaline forming foods will assuage this problem…otherwise, you will suffer from metabolic acidosis. This causes your blood to thicken, allowing less room for oxygen to be carried – this causes major brain fog and unlimited other physical problems.

ARTICLE: The Acid/Alkaline Foods List

Sometimes I experienced nausea (usually a good sign indicating a lot of toxic bile is being exprelled) but that was mostly in the first 25 flushes. I vomited 2 or 3 times over the course of 50 flushes, however those times were all highly productive flushes. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference whether I lay on my back or right side and I generally don’t sleep that well when I do a liver flush.

Sometimes jaundice symptoms get better after a flush (most noticeably through the whites of the eyes clearing up), sometimes it gets worse (eyes redden and get muddy patches). It depends on the level and location of gallstone congestion. A few tiny stones stuck in the miles of biliary ducts you have is enough to cause jaundice problems.

A strong liver (or conversely a weak one) is why some people are able to be heal through alterantive/natural medicine and others aren’t. You can do all the right things but if you liver is not functioning properly, you will not make significant progress.

Rarely do I ever have unproductive liver flushes (in which 0 stones are expelled). In the beginning, the volume of the stones, both in terms of overall quantity and individual size, was huge, over time it became much less, but there are some exeptionally large purges every now and then. Initially as well, I also had more sludge that was expelled and that decreased over time. Huge advances in my spiritual development came from releasing gallstones via liver flushing.

ARTICLE: Negative Emotions and Their Effect on Your Body, Your Temple

ARTICLE: A Time for Temple Cleansing

In corresponding fashion the emotional releases were intense, in the beginning I had extremely high levels of anger and was easily annoyed by any and everything during flushes because so much toxic bile was being expelled at once–I often had to make sure I could be alone for the day. But, after so many liver flushes, day-to-day levels of anger and irritation have come down to pretty much zero. I am so much more patient, optimistic, merciful and characterized by good-will towards others that I feel like I am in my youth again. Now the emotional releases & reemgering memories that come up during & after liver flushes are those of tremendous sadness (almost as if from a previous life), specifically about my formerly unloving ways towards others and my self.

“The liver is a major organ for storing old emotions and you cleanse your emotional body as well as your physical body when you flush.

Another reason is the toxins that you release recirculate and cause mood swings if they pass the blood brain barrier. But mostly the moodiness you feel is a GOOD thing. Just take some time for yourself, have a good cry or throw something if you feel like it, take lots of hot baths (sweating really helps) with fragrant oils, get a massage, drink lots of water and keep your bowels moving with fiber and preferably a colonic and liver-supporting herbs. It all helps!” – Cursezone User Shelleycat

“Negative emotions, especially Depression and repressed anger are very common after a liver flush. It seems that the toxins in the liver also have a bio-chemical relation to the negative (call them toxic) emotions we all experience. When you have these feelings try to assure yourself they they are normal, they are out of you just like the stones, and are evidence of a good flush. By the way-these same emotions can surface during bowel cleansing. It shows how closely are bodies, minds and spirits are intertwined. You are cleansing the whole person not just a single organ. That’s pretty great when you stop and think about it.” – Cursezone User Hopsino

I was told that Liver Flushes bring up old anger and resentment and kidney flushes bring up old sadness. I am on my 10th flush and have had many painful memories brought up very clearly througout the last 6 months I have been doing them. The memories were very clear, like it was the day it happened. The events were going roughly backward in time, but not completely chronologically. – Curezone User Scientist

“I have had depression, mood swings, and old painful memories occur after my last three flushes. I also had Depression after my second Master Cleanse, to the point where I was frightened by the despair I was feeling. I asked my doctor, who supports liver flushing, about this and he said it was normal especially at the deepest levels of liver cleansing. I have done 18 flushes.” – Cursezone User Hopsino

“Many people believe that the liver and bowel are reservoirs for the bio-chemical residue of toxic emotions, like profound sadness, anger or jealousy. When these organs are cleansed some of this negative emotional residue resurfaces and we relive those emotions. I believe this may very well be true. I have suffered from clinical Depression for decades and have been on three different prescription anti-depressant medications and have used things like St.John’s Wort and Kava Kava on my own. When I began to get off prescription meds. and started doing various cleanses I found the old depressive feelings would often arise. This has happened after Liver Flushes and colon cleanses, and was especially severe after my second Master Cleanse fast. You may not be able to change the fact that these feeling will arise, but if you are aware of why you are feeling that way you should be able to cope.” – Cursezone User Hopsino

“I know that for most of January and February, when I was doing my third, fourth, and fifth flushes, I seemed to be overwhelmed with anger and resentment. Following my sixth flush two weeks ago, the anger and resentment has subsided, of course it has been replaced with some depression, but that is more normal for me.

I honestly believe that emotions and liver function are related. Many on this forum and among those who support Liver Flushing believe that the liver can contain pockets of toxic material that is directly related to psychology, and that various physical as well as emotional and mental symptoms are bound in some way.” – Curezone User Myroro

Chronic Fatigue, Insomia Cured Through 100+Liver Flushes

“I’ve now done 110 flushes. Yes HUNDRED. And almost all the symptoms are gone and or have gone drastically down. The big main ones left to be fully reversed are lack of confident, anxiety, depression, nutritional uptake and sensory input. And of course the auto immune reaction to food. I haven’t done the flushes so thoroughly as the protocols say.”

Helpful Testimony “My journey through 42 flushes”

Yemaya’s Liver Flushing Experience With Painful Memories & Emotions

Testimonial List Of People Who Cured Themselves Through Liver Flushing

Emotional Effects Of Liver Flushing

Clearing Old Emotions With Liver Flushing

Liver Flushes Emotional Storage Within The Body And Chinese Medicine

Toxic Emotions Have “Chemical Counterparts” Which Can Get Trapped In The Liver

Melancholy Means “Black Bile”, A Reference To Unbalanced Body Humors

Symptoms Cured By Liver Flushing

The following individuals share a lot of great liver flush explanations and testimonials.

Youtube: Naturally Wells, 100+ Flushes

Curezone: User Heavensky, Life & Death Situation to Thriving Health, 100+ Flushes

Curezone User Bbuchanan, Systemic Lupus to Cure, 80 Flushes

“Flushing your liver will yield substantial results in mental and emotional recovery if it is in fact congested, which is very common. The liver is the most emotionally sensitive organ in the body. Since the beginning of time, lack of bile storage due to congestion throughout the bile ducts has been directly linked to depression.

In my case, 50% of my emotional disorder was caused by liver congestion, while the other 50% was due to emotional retention in the form of trauma imprints, stored within my subconscious mind.”

“Congestion at the front of liver = serious complications
Congestion at the back of liver = moderate complications
All congestion removed from liver = thriving vitality”

“I highly recommend staying on a steady dose of gold coin grass in tincture form in warm water almost all of the time – it has been the difference between night and day for me. It is much more powerful than what I ever expected it to be.”

“I have carried out over 60 flushes at this point, and I have had times where I would go for a three months without one stone coming out,

“This all ended once I started using Gold Coin Grass in tincture form from sensible health. It is transported right into the liver with the little bit of alcohol that is mixed in with the medicine. I could feel the symptoms subsiding within two days of taking it, so I knew more bile was getting past, which meant that the stones were shrinking or breaking into pieces.”

“Flushing your liver will yield substantial results in mental and emotional recovery if it is in fact congested, which is very common. The liver is the most emotionally sensitive organ in the body. Since the beginning of time, lack of bile storage due to congestion throughout the bile ducts has been directly linked to depression.

In my case, 50% of my emotional disorder was caused by liver congestion, while the other 50% was due to emotional retention in the form of trauma imprints, stored within my subconscious mind.

Every case varies – most of your bipolar may be caused by liver congestion and very little to do with the subconscious or vise versa, but by flushing your liver, you may find enough relief to be satisfied and not need to implement any other protocols until further down the road to do some fine tuning.”

“Since using GCG, I have gotten tons of material out every flush and have sped up my progress two fold.”

“I’ve carried out over 60 flushes and there were times when I would flush ten times with not results as the stone at the front was too big to let the others pass.

I then switched from high doses of malic acid to Gold Coin Grass in tincture form.

Within two days of taking it, I had a reduction in symptoms, as if the stones had either softened and shrunk or crushed into smaller pieces.

The two flushes since I started on Gold Coin Grass yielded tons of gravel, crushed stones and big huge stones – I am amazed at how powerful this stuff is.

It almost has an alcohol bitterness to it and those properties seem to just melt cholesterol-based stones into butter!”


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Source: Wikpedia

Cirrhosis, also known as liver cirrhosis or hepatic cirrhosis, and end-stage liver disease, is the impaired liver function caused by the formation of scar tissue known as fibrosis due to damage caused by liver disease.[6] Damage to the liver leads to repair of liver tissue and subsequent formation of scar tissue. Over time, scar tissue can replace normal functioning tissue, leading to the impaired liver function of cirrhosis.[6][7] The disease typically develops slowly over months or years.[1] Early symptoms may include tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, nausea and vomiting, and discomfort in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen.[8] As the disease worsens, symptoms may include itchiness, swelling in the lower legs, fluid build-up in the abdomen, jaundice, bruising easily, and the development of spider-like blood vessels in the skin.[8] The fluid build-up in the abdomen develop spontaneous infections.[1] More serious complications include hepatic encephalopathy, bleeding from dilated veins in the esophagus, stomach, or intestines, and liver cancer.[9]

Cirrhosis is most commonly caused by alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH – the progressive form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease),[10] heroin abuse,[11] chronic hepatitis B, and chronic hepatitis C.[8][12] Heavy drinking over a number of years can cause alcoholic liver disease.[13] Liver damage has also been attributed to heroin usage over an extended period of time as well.[14] NASH has a number of causes, including obesity, high blood pressure, abnormal levels of cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.[15] Less common causes of cirrhosis include autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis that disrupts bile duct function, genetic disorders such as Wilson’s disease and hereditary hemochromatosis, and chronic heart failure with liver congestion.[8]



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