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Castor Oil And Turpentine Cleanse | 1 Corinthians 6:19


Once you’ve entered into the New Covenant, clean your body so that the Holy Spirit may more fully manifest in you. The general order of cleaning is this, first spiritual, then mental, then physical. If you don’t repent of sins then the mental & physical cleaning you do will not “stick” (because the root cause is demonic in nature).

  • 1 Corinthians 6:19 | What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

The castor oil (idealy organic, hexane-free and cold-pressed–try to get cold-pressed & hexane-free if you can’t get all three) and turpentine (100% pure gum spirits of turpentine [pine tree oil] NOT from the hardware store variety which Edom puts poison in) cleanse is a very powerful, very effective way to cleanse the body of candida because it reaches the parts of the small & large intestines that most other cleanses do not.

Speaking from experience, my detoxing/parasite cleansing hit a wall because nothing was destroying the parasite in the deeper intestinal regions (except long term dry fasting). You do not have to use the turpentine but it will be more effective in parasite removal. Make sure you drink more water than you normally would to counter act the dehydrating effects of the cleanse. The added turpentine will dehydrate you more and mostly give you burps/bad after taste for the next few hours (my experience is that it starts out ok and then gets progressively more annoying to keep “re-tasting” the turpentine).

Dosage Experience

When I started the castor oil cleanses I did two tablespoons of castor oil every day for a few days and increased the amount, decreased frequency, and added turpentine (a teaspoon at first, less is probably a better place to start) over time as my intestines became cleaner, depending on how my body was responding and what I was trying to accomplish.

Your body will start becoming quite acidic if you do the cleanse several days in a row (from processing all the junk released and the remaining parasites “fighting back”) so be sure to take an equal amount of time off from cleansing to recover, replenish mineral stores and alkalize.

PODCAST: Personal castor oil/turpentine clease experience linked here

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The Brother at the Youtube Channel below shares a lot of good information.

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Helpful Testimonials & Information From Curezone

Google Doc: Using the Lugol’s Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and Turpentine Protocols Against Candida and Parasites

From slowsmile: Reasons why Candida Never Goes Away

“Enemas are useful but they have their limits against candida if you are using nutritional supplements from the other end as well.

Also, from my own experience with the autistic group that I am helping at the moment who all have serious candida and parasite issues and who take lots of supplements (Kerri Rivera’s MMS, Hulda Clark PP, MMS enemas, diet), many of them suddenly hit a brick wall and make no further progress using these protocols. The explanation for this problem is a fairly long one, so bear with me.

In order to understand the above problems, first it should be realized that the adult human intestines is about 30 ft long with an efficient absorption area the size of a tennis court.

This means that the intestines is quite long with a huge and efficient absorbition surface area that is mainly due to the internal convolutions or folds, villi and microvilli of the inner intestinal surface. This ability to efficiently absorb nutrients and particularly the length and area of the intestines can also work against the candida sufferer whenever they have a serious and extensive candida issues with added bacteria and parasite problems in the gut.

So here is my explanation.

Whenever you take any nutrient orally, for instance, borax water – then how much of it is absorbed directly into the blood and how much acts in the intestines to kill pathogens? It is well known that borax is absorbed quickly and used up in the body. This applies to all other nutrients as well.

Given the above, then it is probably correct to assume that Borax will only ever act and have benefit on the first third of the upper intestines to kill pathogens but will not act throughout the whole of the intestines to kill candida, parasites and other pathogens. This will also apply to all other candida kill or parasite kill nutrients that are also supplemented. My belief is that these nutrients will either be absorbed into the blood, exhausted or neutralized after travelling only the first upper third of the upper intestines(the first 10 feet of the intestines).

But what about enemas? Unfortunately, exactly the same argument applies here as above. These enemas will only ever successfully act and be effective at killing pathogens and parasites in the lower third of the intestines(the last 10 feet of the intestines).

So what’s left? It becomes glaringly apparent to me that the middle portion of the intestines(the middle 10 feet) from a person with candida is the area that is both untouched and unreachable by both oral nutrients and by enemas. So this middle region of the intestines appears to be the hidden powerhouse for pathogens, candida and parasites, allowing these pathogens to freely breed and continue to pump their waste toxin poisons unabated into the body.

In other words — the middle region of the intestines acts as an untouched and unreachable safe-haven for all parasites, fungus and pathogens.

The above description seems to also adequately explain why a person with serious candida issues hits a brick wall and can make no further progress no matter what they try because that middle region of the intestines is left untreated and untouched by any protocol.

A possible solution to the above problems is to use a nutrient protocol that:

* Only acts throughout the whole intestines against candida, parasites and pathogens

* Is not absorbed so quickly into the blood.

There are only a few nutrient protocols that manage to fulfill the above criteria and these are:

* Laxatives

* Bentonite

* Chlorella

This is why I also strongly favour the use of laxatives against candida. Both turpentine and castor oil also have laxative action. Simultaneously, turpentine and CO also kill candida and other pathogens and remove biofilms as well while, at the same time, castor oil will help to slow absorption and also help to spread the turpentine throughout the intestines quickly and evenly because of its laxative effects. This protocol therefore successfully acts to get rid of pathogens throughout the WHOLE length of the intestines — including the middle region of the gut. If you don’t treat and eliminate the pathogens from the middle portion of the intestines then this can be a major reason why your candida never goes away or just keeps coming back.

Here’s a doc that I wrote recently that, for clarity, describes in detail just the candida-kill and pathogen-kill protocols that I advise. This doesn’t show the full candida protocol but just shows and explains in detail how to take Lugol’s Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and the Turpentine/CO protocols. You should take all these protocols if you have serious candida problems.

Hopefully this will help people to more understand these protocols a little better. See doc below:

Recommended Candida/Pathogen Kill Protocols.

These protocols will kill candida and other involved pathogens both in the intestines and in the blood, tissues and organs. It will also remove biofilms in the intestines. Also kills parasites, detoxes heavy metals and helps to boost the immune system. And if you follow a simple no carbs, no wheat, no milk, no sugar, no processed food diet, which means breaking some well-loved bad lifestyle habits, you might stand a chance of actually curing your own candida problems.

And its a reasonably cheap protocol that works.”

From slowsmile: Re: Help for Candida Issues

“If you take turpentine with sugar then most of it will be absorbed into the blood — so not much turpentine left to cure the candida throughout your intestines — which is 30 ft long and has the absorbtive surface area of a tennis court.

So I paired the turpentine with castor oil and it has worked pretty well. This combination is particularly useful to help kill candida throughout the whole length of the intestines and it has worked well because you have a laxative(CO) paired with turpentine that kills candida as well as killing a huge broad spectrum of other pathogens and parasites. Put simply the laxative CO helps to quickly spread the turps evenly throughout the whole intestines for a more deadlier and widespread effect. At the same time, the CO laxative effect directly and quickly expels candida, candida poisons, heavy metals, parasites, biofilms etc from the intestines beacuse of its natural laxative effect.

I’ve also been involved with an autism parents group who are trying to cure their kids autism which is generally caused by parasite poisons and candida poisons acting directly on a child’s developing brain. Get rid of the candida and parasites and get rid of the poisons and the child returns to normal behaviour. I was contacted because alot of people in the group, who were using Kerri Rivera’s CD protocol protocol for autism, had hit a brick wall with little progress. Then I advised using the turps + CO for the autistic kids. That was two years ago and now everyone in the group(over 50 parents with autistic kids aged from 2 y o upwards) swears by this turpentine/CO protocol as being a huge aid and benefit against candida, parasites and autism.

Turpentine is not soluble in water but mixes with castor oil without any problems.”

From s0ft3st: Re: For Pioneer1- colon cleanse question

“if you’re still having this problem, with Castor Oil – it’s the only laxative that’ll clean the small intestine. Start w/2 tablespoons at night before bed on an empty stomach the night before you have a free day the next day (bc when u have to go from the castor oil, u have to go like ASAP, can’t wait, etc…). If 2 tablespoons doesn’t work, u can go up to 3. I’d start w/2 tblsps- when I started I was afraid of castor oil & only did one which didn’t work that well & ended up making me just really nauseous w/indigestion. But, it’s the only thing that’ll clean the small intestine. And, preferably do it w/an all or mostly liquid diet so u aren’t re-clogging it, so it can work to get the old stuff instead of what you’re putting in.

I used to have the same problem, psyllium + bentonite would cause me So many problems, because the small intestine wasn’t clear.

After you’ve done the plain castor oil a few times and gotten some stuff cleaned out of the SI, there’a another method I like to use that’s more focused towards the Ileosecol valve and the last 10-15′ of the small intestine which is notoriously hard to reach by Any cleansing method. What I do is take 6-8 capsules of castor oil (I just buy the caps & fill it w/castor oil but they sell them as well) and I freeze them (& it takes awhile to freeze, like almost 1 week, just put in a ziplock in the freezer). Take the frozen caps to get a similar effect except they’re getting further down in your small intestine before melting; you’ll see some crazy stuff w/this method, even when you think your entire GI tract is clean, but it works.

There’s also an Aryurvedic cleansing practice called Panchakarma that is like a whole week long thing where u bolster your digestion before doing this purge & have a special diet, etc. but I didn’t do it, was just inspired by it; I used this method along w/a parasite cleanse to get them in hard to reach places.”

From s0ft3st: Re: Great Article on Turpentine

“also, only use Diamond G Forest brand (u can get on Amazon) or the Sacred Purity brand (you can find on their website)- both are more designed for taking internally. And, just keep up the protocol- one dose won’t really do anything, it really takes a couple weeks to really start working for a serious parasite issue. And, definitely with Castor Oil- they work together so well.”

From slowsmile: Re: Question about Candida and Nystatin/Medistatin (do not use Esau’s drugs)

“I’m afraid that your protocol — just using nystatin to cure your candida problems is way too simplistic. Candida is well known to be able to adjust to nystatins in the same way as certain bacteria can adjust to antibiotics. So your apparent assumption that “all I have to do is just kill the candida in my body and I’ll be cured…” is all wrong. For you to be able see the reasons for this, you must study candida behaviour — in depth.

Here is a summation of candida behaviour. To beat or overcome candida you must address every single one of the behaviours below, otherwise no cure. See beow.

Here is the succesful strategy that I eventually used against my own candida problems:

* Avoid using any antibiotics. Antibiotics are one of the top causes of dysbiosis in the human body—a malady well known to encourage the persistence and spread of candida as well as aiding in and supporting the spread of numerous other pathogen problems throughout the body.

* Directly attacking, killing and removing candida as well as killing and removing all other co-infections from other pathogen species in the body. These anti-pathogen protocols should be selected and employed to act as wide-acting pathogen killers – that can kill fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma quickly – while at the same time acting throughout all regions of the body (not just acting in the intestines) for a fuller effect in order to eradicate both the fungal and yeast forms of candida as well as to efficiently kill all the associated pathogens that may also be involved.

* Removal of heavy metals, halides and other poisons that have accumulated in the body over time. Apart from greatly depressing and weakening the immune system and liver, heavy metals are a part of the building material that candida uses to construct biofilms. So heavy metals removal from the body will also help to expose candida and other pathogens by reducing biofilm formation that would normally help to protect and hide various pathogens – including candida – from the body’s immune system.

* Using other protocols on a daily basis with specific surfactant or digestive properties that effectively act to dissolve and dispel the candida biofilms in which candida and other pathogens can protect themselves. By doing this, the involved pathogens will be completely flushed out with nowhere to hide. The candida and pathogen attack remedies can then be more effectively employed to kill and remove the offending pathogens more quickly.

* Alkalizing the body on a daily basis to neutralize body acidity caused by candida and other anaerobic pathogens. This also helps to remove toxins, which helps to resolve malabsorption issues in the body. Alkalizing also disrupts biofilms, helps to kill candida, oxygenates the cells, counteracts acidosis and does a myriad other beneficial jobs besides that will be later described.

* Specifically targeting, neutralizing and removing candida mycotoxins and aflatoxins in the body on a daily basis within the protocol. In the 1980s, Orion Truss identified mycotoxins as dangerous waste products from candida. Many of these dangerous candida mycotoxins are also carcinogenic, the accumulated presence of which in the human body is extremely debilitating for the candida sufferer both mentally and physically and which, as a consequence, tends to greatly lower the immune system’s effectiveness.

* Strongly supporting the nutritional and excretory pathways of the body – viz. the intestines, liver and kidneys – to help in reducing the inevitable detox and candida die-off or Herxheimer effects so that the blood is quickly purified and healthy again. This is why a simple but wide-ranging liver support protocol is also included in the main candida protocol.

* Supporting and strengthening the immune system and body terrain with vitamin and mineral nutrients that are always lacking in the Western processed food diet. Candida hates a healthy alkaline body with a fully functioning and strong immune system.

* Strictly following an Anti-Candida Diet

So from above and in a nutshell, any anti-candida protocol that you adopt must comprise and fulfill the following strategy criteria to successfully and completely eradicate systemic candida and all associated pathogenic co-infections:

Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols

Anti-Biofilm Protocols

Alkalizing Protocols

Essential Detox Protocols

Liver Support Protocols

Vitamin and Mineral Support (Immune System Support)”



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