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Never Trust Thine Enemy – Apparently More Discreet Deletions from the CDC Website | Ecclesiasticus 12:10


The “mainstream narrative” surrounding covid, the vaccines, mRNA, spike proteins, etc. continues to change, with lots of humble “back-tracking”, as the general populace of the nations and really the multitudes of the Israelites spread throughout the four corners of the earth, slowly but surely become wiser to the deceiption going on.

Ecclesiasticus 12:10 | Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness. 11Though he humble himself, and go crouching, yet take good heed and beware of him, and thou shalt be unto him as if thou hadst wiped a lookingglass, and thou shalt know that his rust hath not been altogether wiped away. 12Set him not by thee, lest, when he hath overthrown thee, he stand up in thy place; neither let him sit at thy right hand, lest he seek to take thy seat, and thou at the last remember my words, and be pricked therewith.

Psalms 83:2 | 5For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: 6The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; 7Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;


The author of the article below is probably a shill, as with virtually all news media, public figues, “truthers”, etc. coming from Babylon/America but he illustrates the scriptural lessons above we.

Article from JD Ruckker
Discreetly Deleted From CDC Website: “mRNA and the Spike Protein Do Not Last Long in the Body”

From the beginning, we’ve been told the Covid jabs are safe and effective. But evidence says they’re neither. Now, the CDC seems to be admitting one of its biggest claims is false.

How many Americans took the Covid-19 jabs because they believed people like Anthony Fauci or organizations like the CDC when they said the spike proteins didn’t stay in the bodies of the injected? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?

If reports that the spike proteins last indefinitely weren’t ignored by corporate media and suppressed by Big Tech, would more Americans have opted out of taking the “vaccines”? Absolutely.

Now, the CDC has discreetly removed from their website the important claim they’ve made from the beginning that spike proteins, whether injected directly into the body through J&J jabs or created by the body through the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA jabs, do not last long in the body.

Don’t expect any retractions from the NY Times or new reports from CNN that the CDC made the change.

As of two weeks ago, the CDC’s site claimed, “Our cells break down mRNA from these vaccines and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination.” Now, it doesn’t say that.

The site also said, “Scientists estimate that the spike protein, like other proteins our bodies create, may stay in the body up to a few weeks.” That part is gone as well.

Many respected scientists, doctors, and investigative journalists have claimed both the mRNA found in the jabs as well as the spike proteins created after injection persist and may even replicate far longer than Big Pharma and their puppets in the CDC claimed. The evidence against the toxins dissipating as promised after “a few weeks” has been mountainous, but both government and media have disavowed such claims until now.

In other words, they know they were wrong. They’ve probably known for a while, which means they’ve been lying. We should assume they’ve been lying about nearly everything.

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo didn’t listen to Dr. Zev Zelenko about Covid-19. Don’t be a Cuomo. Dr. Zelenko’s new Z-Dtox and Z-Stack nutraceuticals come highly recommended by many doctors. Get yours today!

The question that many Americans, perhaps millions, have been asking themselves and others lately is what they can do if they’ve been jabbed. Some are opting out of taking the booster shots because it appears the damage done to bodies by the jabs is cumulative; the more you get jabbed, the worse it gets.

Nutraceuticals have become more popular as possible corrective solutions, especially as we see more people suffering from weakened immune system. The late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s Z-Dtox has been touted by some doctors as a way to recover from the jabs.

Or, as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny told me this week, the best remedy may be to pray and repent.

As the truth continues to come out surrounding the jabs and the Plandemic in general, more Americans are regretting their decision to get injected. Will the CDC and Fauci ever be held accountable?



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