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Spiritual Powers | Energy Flow Hindrances in the Body | Gua Sha


One of the main physical hindrances to using powers (beside faith which is far and above #1) is stagnate fluids in the body–blood, water, lymph, etc. which are saturated with toxins and prevent the flow of energy–energy that is used for healing our selves naturally but also in using various spiritual powers.

There are many ways to eliminate stagnate fluids such as body scraping, also known as gua sha. This not my preferred method but it is a great place to start. I bought some jade tools off ebay for ~$10 which are good but I’ve also found that the handle of a stainless steel butter knife works just as well.

This is something you can do yourself, the videos below show you how. The best places to do it will be around your joints/bones, which are some of the first places stagnation appears and which Chinese medicine notes (if you look hard enough) where “dampness” forms.

In my experience the more redness, the darker the red and the longer it stays gives you an indication about the level of stagnation in that area. Any discolouration that sticks around longer than an hour is an area that needs more treatment to eliminate the stagnation–don’t be surprised if this is most areas to begin treating.

However, the more stagnation this is removed, the better the skin will start to look in that area.



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