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Yahawah destroys Georgia Guidestones with Lightning | Psalms 144:6


King David (Dawada) praying to the most high for the Most High Yahawah to place his hand on the wicked, mirrors our prayers now under the captivity of the nation of Edom.

Psa 144:5 | Bow thy heavens, O LORD, and come down: touch the mountains, and they shall smoke.

Box Psa 144:6 | Cast forth lightning, and scatter them: shoot out thine arrows, and destroy them.

Psa 144:7 | Send thine hand from above; rid me, and deliver me out of great waters, from the hand of strange children;

Psa 144:8 | Whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

Psa 144:9 | I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee.



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