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Dry Fast Podcast: Day 4 Night Update


Dry Fast Podcast Testimonial & Experience

Topics covered include the importance of not touching water, skin becomes able to “drink” water, location matters, mercury in contact solutions, location matters and being on the coast, in a forest or by a river helps because the negative ions present heal the body, positive ions promote parasite activity and illness, the full moon increases the ratio of positive to negative ions in the air, moonlight is toxic, salt lamps, 30lbs weight loss.



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What are positive/negative ions?

Positive ions are atoms or molecules that have lost one or more electrons and consequently have a shortage of electrons. In contrast, negative ions have gained one or more additional electrons which makes these odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules negatively charged as a whole.

There is a delicate positive-negative ion balance in nature. In a thunderstorm, the natural ratio of positive to negative ions can be disturbed very easily.

The normal concentration of positive ions in the air is very high. During and following the storm, the number of positive ions gradually declines while the concentration of negative ions increases.

It is believed that negative ions are actually biologically active and make a positive impact on the natural 24-hour cycle. Created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, ultraviolet rays, the vital energy of plants and moving air and water, they are not harmful even if their concentration is high.

Offices, factories, and shopping malls are places where we will encounter an excess of positive ions.

We should very frequently expose ourselves to places with very high concentrations (tens of thousands) of negative ions such as these:

  • mountains
  • parks
  • waterfalls/water fountains/your bathroom shower
  • springs
  • beaches/pounding surfs
  • forests (especially pine forests)
  • moving air/wind
  • dirt/earth

Along with placing ourselves in nature settings teeming with negative ions, here are some other creative activities you can do to generate negative ions right in your home or office environment:

Burn beeswax candles; they are said to clean the air, produce negative ions and assist with allergy and asthma reduction.

Operate a Himalayan salt lamp wherever you spend a good deal of time in your home; they counteract the electronic vibrations and excessive positive ions caused by electronic devices in the home; the heated salt attracts and absorbs water in the air and then evaporates it; the salt mixes with the water molecules creating a solution: the positively charged ions of sodium and the negatively charged ions of chloride become neutral and are released into your environment; this reduces pollutants, irritants and allergens from the air.

  • Run an indoor fountain; the force or energy of falling or splashing water causes the neutral particles in air to split which frees electrons to attach to other air molecules resulting in negative ions.
  • Have amethyst and tourmaline crystals nearby or wear them; tourmaline is believed to convert moisture from the air to negative ions; amethyst is considered to be similar in nature.
  • Surround yourself with plants; they clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and breathing out fresh oxygen and many negative ions; some plants release higher levels of negative ions than others (best choices are chrysanthemum, coconut palm, gerbera, spider plant and weeping fig) Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-147606/How-cleanse-air-breathe.html#ixzz4Ik5VOM9b
  • Use radiant heating from far infrared devices (they warm the body and not the air) and emit negative ions.
  • Sit in front of bon- or hearth fires; they creative negative ions, too.
  • Walk barefoot or use earthing/grounding inserts in your shoes; try earthing sandals (see earthrunners.com); coming into direct contact with Earth, your body is suffused with negative ions and aligns to the same electric energy level as the earth.

The healing effects of negative ion therapy were studied by Alexander Chizhevsky (1897-1964), Russian biophysicist. He founded “heliobiology” (the study of the sun’s effect on biology) and “aero-ionization” (the study of the effect of ionization of air on biological entities) and invented the first negative ion generator.

Negative ionization of the air is now mandatory in many Russian and European hospitals and workplaces.

Here are just some of the enormous benefits of negative ion charged environments. Negative ions help to:

  • detoxify impurities from the skin and lymph by deeply penetrating the skin
  • reduce inflammation by defusing excess positive electrons
  • lessen chronic pain
  • increase physical energy
  • speed healing and shorten recovery time
  • support adrenal health
  • strengthen the skeletal system
  • balance the nervous system
  • combat free radicals in bloodstream
  • lower stress hormones resulting in a more calm demeanor and better relaxation
  • normalize biological rhythms such as Circadian
  • regulate blood flow and blood pressure or where necessary, decrease blood pressure; improve the function of the cardiovascular system
  • improve the function of the cilia in your respiratory tract which protect your lungs from irritation and inflammation; this reduces colds, flu, asthma and the symptoms of hay fever
  • relieve headaches and muscle tension
  • lessen menstrual and menopausal symptoms
  • eliminate jet lag
  • provide protection from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles; negative ions achieve this by attaching to the positively charged particles of the pollutants mentioned in large numbers.
  • overcome depression (many view them as a natural anti-depressant)
  • elevate a sense of well-being
  • increase productivity
  • enhance mental clarity by increasing oxygen flow to the brain
  • achieve better rest and sleep
  • stimulate plant growth

SOURCE: https://www.phyto5.us/blog-1/negative-ions-health

Stones That Produce Negative Ions

Although called negative, the negative ions possess a lot of positive health benefits and in general are capable of creating positive emotional states. Let us see first what the deffinition of positive and negative ions is.

Physics tells us that positive ions are atoms or molecules that have lost one or more electrons, therefore having shortage of electrons. Negative ions on the other hand have gained one or more additional electrons, which, because of the negative elemental charge of the electron, make the system negatively charged as a whole.

In nature we have a delicate balance between negative and positive ions. For example, during thunderstorms the natural ratio of positive vs negative ions in the air can be disturbed very easily. A couple of hours before the weather storm front hits the area, the concentration of positive ions in the air is very high. During the storm and following the storm, the number of positive ions gradually declines, while at the same time the concentration of negative ions is increased.

Health Benefits of Negative Ions

Research has shown that positive ionization present during wind storms leads to weather sensitivity in people, such as irritation, exhaustion and health problems.

In contrast to exposure to positive ionization, the surplus of negative ions is associated with mood improvements, resistance to stress, and better general health. Some studies suggest that negative ions are biologically active and have a positive impact on the natural 24-hours cycle.

It is generally accepted that negative ionization has a positive effect on stabilizing the blood pressure, improving the function of the cardiovascular system, increasing the alkaline environment of the organism, accelerating physical recovery, strengthening the bones and improving the respiratory and nervous system.

The balance of negative vs positive ions is usually disturbed in offices, factories, and shopping malls where we encounter an excess of positive ions. Residential areas, mountains, parks, beaches, forests and springs are places where we have high concentration of negative ions.
waterfalls are best natural sources of negative ions Waterfalls are especially beneficial, having one order of magnitude higher concentration of negative ions than positive ones.

The Additional Function of Negative Ions

Negative ions have been found to help eliminate pollen, dust, and similar agents from the air: all that we cannot see with naked eye.

The good thing about negative ions is that they are not harmful even if their concentration is very high.

Natural Sources of Negative Ions

In nature, as we have already mentioned, beneficial negative ionization is created after storms and lightning. Negative ions are also produced by the ionization action of cosmic rays, and by the activity of the chemical element radon present in the earth’s crust.

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, negative ions are generated using indoor fountains.

Another natural source of negative ions is beeswax. When burned, beeswax gives off negative ions that purify the air and improve the mood. Beeswax candles are good sources of natural negative ions.

Natural salt is also believed to be source of negative ions.

Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

Made from salt (NaCl) crystals from the Himalayan this salt lamp includes a 15-watt bulb, which gives an amber glow. Different bulbs may give different hues to the lighting area.
salt lamp is a nice source of negative ions

Although the salt lamps are somewhat controversial in their exact mechanism of ionization, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of testimonials about the usefulness of such crystal salt lamps. The functioning of the salt crystal lamp, obviously, cannot be compared directly to the mechanism of ion production in a typical ionizer. In addition, there are many beneficial properties that an ionizer does not have. For example, the color of the salt crystal can have a healing effect. The most common orange color facilitates a feeling of security, the yellow color encourages intellectual activity, while the red color is vitalizing and provides energy. Also, salt as a primal element of nature contains minerals and trace element that possess biological and biochemical activity.

Negative Ion Projectors

There is a class of devices designed to give off a flux of negative ions. Some are better than the others, and there are brands capable of producing ozone in parallel with ions. Here is a review of one device we found especially convenient.

Other Stones as Sources of Negative Ions

Tourmalines are stones that emit negative ions Tourmaline is a piezoelectric stone. This means that it can generate an electrical signal when pressure or strain is applied on the surface of the stone. In addition it is a pyroelectric stone, which means that temperature changes can also generate a weak electric current within the stone. Tourmaline also produces far infra-red radiation. All this is believed to be sufficient to convert moisture from the air to negative ions. Many believe that this natural and safe negative ion emission is the reason why Tourmaline is such a wondrous and beneficial stone.

Amethyst is another natural gemstone that is believed to offer similar health benefits to that of Tourmaline. The same argument – far infrared radiation – is stated for Amethyst.

Amethyst crystals are also believed to emit negative ions and can bring about similar benefits, including removal of toxic particles and free radicals, better respiration, and removing aerosol and dangerous chemical from the air.


While salt lamps do emit some negative charge, it is possible that the ion output is not too intense and that it doesn’t extend too much from the surface of the lamp.

Tourmaline, Amethyst, and similar crystals are believed to be able to spread negative ions, but here the effect is even less pronounced than with salt lamps.

If you are looking for really strong levels of discharged negative ions, you have two practical options: first, enjoy the natural negative ions produced during and after a thunderstorm, and second, use a corona-discharge ionizer that gives you even stronger levels of discharged negative ions.

SOURCE: https://www.sunnyray.org/Stones-that-produce-negative-ions.htm

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ARTICLE: Is the Full Moon Heightening Weird Symptoms?

“While reading one night, I found research by the Sussex police force in Great Britain chronicling a rise in violent crime when the moon was full.8 This reminded me of the stories my father told of being a volunteer firefighter in a small, rural community.  Frequently when there was a full moon, he would be dispatched, including one night when a bizarre event occurred involving a naked man running down the street while a burning bale of hay was rolling in front of him. You can’t make this stuff up!

To continue exploring the connection between the full moon and chronic illness, let’s review a few additional points.  Many doctors and their patients do not realize that parasites have a much greater affinity to heavy metals than their hosts.2 I find this very interesting. 

Review the blog on (Discovering Valuable Clues in the New Polymicrobial Lyme Research), for evidence that the body can balance multiple microbes in equal ratios. These research-based antibody tests concluded no one microbe was represented more predominantly than another in cases of Lyme Disease. 

Since the body has an ability to regulate multiple microbes, it may also compensate by lowering its immune response to parasites. When parasites “overpopulate” the body, they take on heavy metals from the system reducing the burden of the host cells.  We frequently see a correlation between patients with a high number of parasites carrying a greater heavy metal burden.  The more parasites, the worse the patient feels during full moon phases.

Compounding these factors in Moon Sickness are the added effects of barometric pressure and gravitational forces upon fluids in our body, plus the ratio of positive to negative ions in our environment. This all points to a biological electro-kinetic phenomena4 playing a role in our patients suffering during these times of the month.

Our bodies consist of both negatively and positively charged ions but possess a higher number of negative ions. Negative ions are healthy for the body3.  Forested areas, mountains, and water create a multitude of negative ions, the very ions that make us feel good.  For this reason, you will notice that people who spend a great deal of time in these locations tend to have healthier and happier lives.

To optimize our health, we want to avoid a high number of positive ions (small particulates that have gained a positive charge). Unfortunately, for most of us living within cities, positive ions are more problematic than elsewhere. The increased levels of positive ions in large office buildings are due to electrical grids, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi equipment. In fact, the impending new 5G network will scatter high concentrations of positive ions from rooftop to rooftop. It is important to remember that most positive ions are from air pollution, toxic chemical exposure, pesticides, herbicides, high pollen, mold counts, and most heavy metals.

The claim that the full moon creates a positive ion environment is highly debated. However, the anecdotal evidence appears to suggest that the way the moon effects positive ions on the earth’s surface directly correlates with our body’s reactions.  What we are certain of, through peer-reviewed research, is that positive ions can cause symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, anxiety, migraines and headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes with sweating or chills, tremors, dizziness and depression, all of which are experienced in greater instances by our patients during different moon phases.

Water is a large part of who we are. As delicate creatures, we require very precise measurements of different fluids in our body in order to maintain life.  For instance, our blood has a pH of 7.35-7.45, just slightly alkaline.  If this pH goes in one direction or another, beyond an acceptable range, death or serious illness occurs.  The body quickly balances its own pH by pulling calcium or potassium from the bones to regulate acidity and alkalinity in the blood.  The more positive ions present in our environment from pollution and toxins, the more acidic our pH level will become. This can cause symptoms of headache, confusion, fatigue, and sleeplessness and a general flu like feeling.

Simply stated, the human body reacts to gravitational forces and atmospheric pressure changes.  This affects healthy people, not only the ill. When we find ourselves with altitude sickness as we travel from sea level to mountain tops, or when large barometric pressure systems come barreling past our homes, this becomes clearly evident.  Barometric pressure and gravity affect many dynamics within the body.5 Changes in sinus pressure as a result of changes in the pressure of our environment, can cause sinus headaches and migraines. A drop in barometric pressure can cause discomfort and joint pain that plague both sports injured adults and senior citizens. 

The bodily fluids in a chronically ill individual become stagnant.  As they become more debris filled, fluidity slows down even further, taxing the immune system and other systems responsible for balance in the body.  This can be attributed to many causes, such as OTC medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, fast food, chemical laden cleaning products, prescription medications, and other environmental toxins.  When reacting with positive ions in your body, the result is slow-moving, sticky blood and lymph that react very differently during the cycles of the moon, or pressure system changes. 

The theory behind “Moon Sickness” presented here is purely anecdotal based on years of clinical experience. However, considering the hundreds of patients who have reported these experiences, I am fully convinced that bio-magnetic fields, barometric pressure fluctuations, as well as exposures to heavy metals and parasites influence patients who are struggling with chronic conditions.  Individuals who fall into this “Moon Sickness” category need to be taken seriously and receive targeted protocols to ease their suffering.


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