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Malleus Maleficarum PDF BOOK: Indoctrination That Esau-Edom’s Witch Covens Are Fake Must Begin As A Child | Psalms 64:5


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PDF Download: Malleus Maleficarum (Witches Hammer)

AUDOBOOK: Malleus Maleficarum (Witches Hammer)

Looking back on childhood in the United States, it never made sense why, of all things, some much of American children’s culture is devoted to fictionaliznig witches and witchcraft…in cartoons, games, holidays, songs, the education system, other media etc.

  • Job 9:24 | The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?

But, after becoming familiar with the scriptures and books like Malleus Maleficarn, it starts to make a lot more sense. Like the saying goes the greatest trick the devil (add Edomite witches to that) played was convicing you they don’t exist.

They very much do exist and are in rulership today. The purpose is to normalize witchcraft and dismiss the concept of witches as pure fantasy at a young age (when you don’t question what is delivered to you by authority figures), with the end result/goal that you never seriously revisit the topic as an adult and outright ignore the idea of witches as anything other than fiction.

  • Psalms 64:5 | They encourage themselves in an evil matter: they commune of laying snares privily; they say, Who shall see them?

This isn’t limited to witches but the concept of space as well as certain animals & evolution theory, causes of disease, who the nations really arecurrent events, historical events and even people.

As we reach the end of this age of rulership by the Edomites and they seek to implement the mark of the beast, it is becoming more and more clear that the elite of Edom, who are satanic witches of the highest order, work through intelligences agencies & elite military organizations which are modern-day male witchcovens.




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