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Dry Fast Podcast: Day 3 Night Update


Dry Fast Podcast Testimonial & Experience

Topics covered include what chapped lips mean, able to smell certain impurities in water, the importance of sunlight to heal and detox by way of our melanin, red eyes, jaundiced eyes the and apperance of acne.



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Melanin is the equivalent to the human chlorophyll. Both molecules possess the intrinsic capacity to transform photonic energy into free chemical energy, susceptible to be used by eukaryotic cell.


ARTICLE: Brief Note On Sunlight

ARTICLE: Suzar Research On Melanin (towards the end of the article)

ARTICLE: The unsuspected capacity of melanin to transform light energy into chemical energy and the surprising anoxia tolerance of chrysemys picta 

ARITICLE: Chlorophyll: The plant Melanin

VIDEO: Our Melanin Is Harvested By Edomites And Used To Make Computer Chips

JUST A COINCIDENCE: Meluxina: Luxembourg’s new supercomputer

“The Grand Duchy has one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe. The new hardware is capable of processing large volumes of data, carrying out thousands of billions of operations per second. To be exact, the Luxembourg supercomputer will have a calculating power of 10 petaflops – literally ten million billion operations per second, a number that looks like this:  10,000,000,000,000,000. MeluXina‘s performance should be able to reach the top 50 of the world ranking of the 500 most performant supercomputers.”




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