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The New Covenant Came Into Force With Yahawashi’s Death, The Elect Come Into It Through Faith In Him | Ephesians 2:8


  • Ephesians 2:8 | For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
  • Romans 5:1 | Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with YAHAWAH through our Lord YAHAWASHI: 2By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of YAHAWAH. 3And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; 4And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
  • Romans 5:8 | But YAHAWAH commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, YAHAWASHI HA MASHIYACH died for us. 9Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. 10For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to YAHAWAH by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. 11And not only so, but we also joy in YAHAWAH through our Lord YAHAWASHI HA MASHIYACH, by whom we have now received the atonement.
  • John 10:9 | I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

The New Covenant is in effect now, the elect come under it through their faith in Yahawashi, while the 2/3rds remain under the Old Covenant through their unbelief.

  • Hebrews 3:19 | So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief
  • 2 Esdras 15:4 | For all the unfaithful shall die in their unfaithfulness.
  • Zechariah 13:8 | And it shall come to passe, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off, and die, but the third shall be left therein.
  • Romans 9:6 | Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:

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Testament means covenant. The Testator for the New Covenant is Yahawashi. As it is written, his death put in force the New Covenant. For the Israelites that believe upon Yahawashi, they receive may receive the New Covenant now through their faith.

  • Hebrews 9:16 | For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. 17For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.
  • Matthew 26:28 | For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

While Yahawashi was alive the New Covenant was of no effect and that is why, after his death, the Israelites that believe through faith received the Holy Spirit (which is the Comforter) AND grace. Grace and the Holy Spirit are parts of the New Covenant.

Without faith in the New Covenant being established now, you will have neither grace nor the Holy Spirit, you are still under the Old Covenant.

  • Amos 9:11 | In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:


The House Of David comes under the banner of the New Covenant. We teach our people to come into the New Covenant through faith, after which they receive the Holy Spirit, the same way the apostles & ancestors of old did.

  • Act 2:4 | And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
  • Act 4:31 | And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.
  • Acts 8:18 | And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money,
  • Acts 19:2 | He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. 3 And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized? And they said, Unto John’s baptism. 4 Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on YAHAWASHI. 5 When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the YAHAWASHI. 6 And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.

Those of the House of Saul come until the banner of their own group / Old Covenant and cannot receive the Holy Spirit, unless they repent.


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  • Hebrews 8:9 | Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord. 10For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: 11And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. 12For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more. 13In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.


As it is written, any Israelite that does not fall under the New Covenant through their faith, remain under the veil of the Old Covenant.

  • 2 Corinthians 3:14 | But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ. 15 But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart.

If you are a man or group that teaches otherwise by proclaiming “we are under grace and in between the Old and the New Covenants” you err not knowing the scriptures.

  • Matthew 22:29 | YAHAWASHI answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
  • Hebrews 5:12 | For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.

Rejection of the New Covenant by teaching that it is not yet in effect are in direct conflict with the Word and the Elect, who know that we receive salvation now through our faith.

  • Colossians 1:21 | And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled 22In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight:


Grace is not a separate “down-payment”, grace is a part of the New Covenant and necessary for us to be blameless in the eyes of Yahawah.

As it is written, after we receive the Holy Spirit through our faith, we no longer need to be taught of men, as those under the Old Covenant need to be taught.

  • 1 John 2:20 | But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. … 25And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life. 26These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you. 27But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.
  • John 14:26 | But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
  • Luke 17:21 | Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

After receiving the Holy Spirit, man has a higher level understanding of the wisdom and surpasses those who originally taught him. This greater level of wisdom cannot be taught by men.

  • Psalms 119:98 | Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me. 99I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation. 100I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

The New Covenant is not simply new bodies or life in the external Kingdom of Heaven. The external Kingdom of Heaven, which is the fullness & perfection of the New Covenant, can’t come while the Old Covenant is still in effect. The ministration of death/condemnation are those who teach that the New Covenant is not in force yet.

  • 2 Corinthians 3:6 | Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. 7But if the ministration of death, written and engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which glory was to be done away: 8 How shall not the ministration of the spirit be rather glorious? 9 For if the ministration of condemnation be glory, much more doth the ministration of righteousness exceed in glory.
  • Galatians 3:24 | Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. 25But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.


The scriptures are clear that part of our nation will remain under the Old Covenant through their disbelief and part of the nation will come under the New Covenant through their faith.  Grace is a part of the New Covenant, grace is not a separate force / covenant / time period / down-payment, etc.–this is not in the scriptures. There is a clear scriptural reason why many men and groups are stuck on the ways of the Old Covenant and still attempt to insert themselves as the mediator with Yahawah & Yahawashi.

  • Romans 11:7 | What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the election hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded
  • Ecclesiasticus 39:24 | As his ways are plain unto the holy; so are they stumblingblocks unto the wicked.
  • 2 Corinthians 3:15 | But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the vail is upon their heart.
  • 2 Esdras 9:22 | Let the multitude perish then, which was born in vain; and let my grape be kept, and my plant; for with great labour have I made it perfect.


Perfected (2Esdras 9:22 above) through the blood of our Lord Yahawashi. Which is why the scriptures prophesy about him throughout the Old and New Testaments.

  • Galatians 4:22 | For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman. 23But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. 24Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. 25For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. 26But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. 27For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband. 28Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise. 29But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.

Hence why (Galatians 4:28) the House of Saul persecutes the House of David unto this day, they want to keep the House of David in bondage because the House of Saul cannot enter in to the new covenant.

  • Galatians 4:30 | Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman. 31So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.


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